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Consulting agreement FAQs and Templates

by ryan on July 1, 2017


Consulting agreement FAQs and Templates


Print and download these Consulting agreement FAQs and Templates for your new consulting firm or group. Start your business of right.


Q. How do I get a consulting agreement from your website?

A: It is simple. All that you need to do is click on the consulting agreement button and you will be taken to our on-line form. Here you will simply follow the directions provided for inputting the information and selecting the provisions that you want in your consulting agreement. We will then integrate all of your information and selections into a consulting agreement, and make it available to you within seconds.

Q: Is there any difference between a consulting agreement and an independent consultant agreement?

A: The only difference between the two is the words being used to refer to them. An agreement is basically a mutual understanding about something between at least two people. A consulting agreement is simply the document used to form the contract between a consultant and his or her client, and an independent consultant agreement is the same thing. So while you may hear and see both names being used, they are nevertheless talking about the same type of document– a written agreement that is binding between a client and a consultant that lays out the core terms of their consulting arrangement.

Q: When should a consulting agreement be used?

A: A consulting agreement is a significant and necessary document to use anytime you are engaging the services of a consultant. Without a written consulting agreement, too many important issues are left unclear, and there is no written record that shows the terms upon which the consultant was engaged. If there is ever a question about some element of the agreement in the future, you will not only be able to answer the question, but also be able to prove its existence because everything will be written down in a signed consulting agreement. Furthermore, should there ever be a legal question about whether the consultant is an employee rather than a consultant, the consulting agreement will be instrumental in proving that there is no employer/employee relationship. Because a consulting agreement is so vital when it comes to demonstrating the association between you and your consultant, you should always put it in writing.

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Consulting Agreement Long printable-template


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