12 Free New Consultant Agreements

by ryan on July 1, 2017


12 Free New Consultant Agreements


We deliver a custom consultant agreement document directly to your printer, signature ready, in just minutes!

Are you ready to hire a consultant for your business and are you now looking for a Consulting Agreement? If so, you have found it– professionally drafted by licensed attorneys and it can be customized to meet your particulars.


Anytime you hire a consultant you want to make sure that you have a Consultant Agreement that clearly outlines your arrangement, so that neither the IRS nor anybody else can question that what you have is a consultant and not an employee. With our Consulting Agreements, you can be sure that it will clearly delineate the association between you, the “Client”, and the person with whom you are contracting. Why is it so important that a consultant not be considered as an employee? Let us explain.

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Any time you hire a consultant, rather than an employee, it is very different because a consultant will receive IRS Form 1099 rather than a W-2 form with deductions withheld. This means that the consultant will be responsible for providing all necessary insurances as well as for paying all of his or her taxes, including income, social security, and any state or local taxes that may be applicable.


Although there is no precise definition that explains exactly what a “consultant” is, a consultant is generally someone with particular skills, knowledge, or experience who will come in from the outside and use their abilities to help the client who has hired him or her. When we say “coming in from the outside” we mean that they are not an employee who works for your company, but rather someone, perhaps a specialist, that you contract with for a specified period of time to help with some aspect of your business.

Certain characteristics that set a consultant apart from an employee are that a consultant will frequently operate from their own offices, working their own hours, and they will use their own money for business supplies and necessities.

One advantage for consultants is that they generally do not fall under many state and federal employment laws, thus allowing both the client and the consultant more flexibility in work and payment schedules. They may be contracted only to help on one particular project and be paid by the hour, or for a longer period of time and be paid by the month.

The Consulting Agreements that we provide cover all of the standard elements expected in a consulting agreement, while allowing you to insert the particulars. You tell us the compensation the consultant will receive, when the consultant will receive it, and when the consultant will receive their first payment. You provide information on what your business does, and then you will be able to enumerate what services the consultant will be providing.

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Our agreement clearly sets out reasons for termination of the Agreement, and covers all of the elements that are required in a good Consulting Agreement. Additionally, we have optional provisions that you can elect to include in your agreement that are tailored to your needs as a client. Finally, you can be assured that our Consulting Agreement demonstrates, in detail, that the consultant is a consultant, and not an employee of your company.


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