Agreement Template Questions Outline

by ryan on July 1, 2017


Agreement Template Questions Outline


You’re only four easy steps from getting your custom, signature-ready Consultant Agreement:

1. In the table below, enter the information specific to your Consultant Contract.
2. Download/ Choose Format
3. Immediately print out the Consultant Agreement.
4. Have both parties sign and execute the document.

What is the date on which this agreement will become effective?

How is the company contracting with the consultant organized?
What is the name of the company?
What is the street address of the main place of business?
In what city?
In what state is the business organized?
In what county?
What is the zip code?
What is the name of the Consultant?
What is the Consultant’s address?
In what city?
In what state is the Consultant located?
In what county?
What is the Consultant’s zip code?
Briefly enter what type of business the company contracting with the consultant engages in.
Enter the first service to be performed by the Consultant.
Will the Consultant provide an additional service?
How long will this Consulting Agreement last?

Will the Consultant be paid for his or her services by the hour or by the month?

What will the monthly consulting fee be?

On what day will the consultant receive his or her fee each month?

On what date will the Consultant receive his or her first consulting fee?
Use Calendar

Will the Consultant work from your business offices or will the Consultant work from his or her own office?

Would you like to insert the Nondisclosure of Confidential Information provision into your agreement?

Would you like to insert a Covenant not to Compete provision into your agreement?

Which state’s laws will apply to this agreement?

Use this information to help yourself create the perfect template. Thanks for reading.



Free-Basic-Agreement Template Questions Outline


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