Room Rental Agreement Form

by ryan on March 22, 2017


A Room Rental Agreement Form Can Save you a lot of Frustration


If you are looking for a room rental agreement form you are likely to find one on the Internet, but it is important to know what to put in a form such as this to save you any problems down the road. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not settle for a regular rental form for this job. Renting a room in your house is very different from renting an entire house and there are several things that you will want to add to the agreement to ensure that it protects you and your family adequately.


Because you are renting a room inside your home with all of your family and possessions in the home, the rules change quite a bit. You will want to make sure that you set out clear guidelines as to what is acceptable and what is not, and that your tenant signs a room rental agreement form so that you will have some legal recourse if something should go wrong.

Nobody ever wants to think the worst of anybody, nor do they want to think that anything could possibly go wrong but the worst thing you can do is to rent a room to any one without a signed agreement. If your tenant runs up your phone bill, damages something, or steals one of your possessions your legal recourse will be minimal if you do not have that agreement.


In your room rental agreement form be sure to set forth the guidelines that you want for both the room they will be living in and the rest of the house.

You will want to cover issues such as access to the laundry room and kitchen, whether the tenant feeds themselves or you provide food for them, what bathroom they are allowed to use, and what other areas of the house they are allowed to access. Discuss the use of a lock on the door of the room you are renting, access to outdoor areas and most importantly make arrangements within the agreement for the amount of utilities your tenant pays.

Before you invite someone into your home and ask them to sign a room rental agreement form be sure to check them out thoroughly. This can be a risky way to bring a few extra dollars in the house, so make sure that you get adequate information and even consider doing a background check. Once you are sure the tenant is safe then be sure he signs and properly written room rental agreement.






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